Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Index of Tech Tips, Troubleshooting and Practical Information from BTE

Ever thought, "I wish BTE would compile a full list of all the technical information they've put up on their blog in one post, so it's easy to access and find?" Well, today is your day. From torque converters to exploding bellhousings, we've indexed all the technical content we've posted over the years. As we create more, we'll add them to the list so all you have to do is bookmark this post and check it periodically. Thanks for reading!

Torque Converters

Practical info on the decision to use a bolt-together torque converter

Official Instructions On Installing BTE Torque Converters & Transmissions


Cooling Strategies For Racing Transmissions And Why It's So Important For Your Car

How Often Should You Change Transmission Fluid in a Racing Automatic Transmission?

Tech Tips and Troubleshooting for High Performance Transmissions: Under Pressure

What You Should Look For In A Planetary Gear Set

BTE Racing Transmissions: Tips from the builders

What Types Of Yokes Work Best With A Roller Bearing?

How To Tell If Your Transmission Pump Stator Is Broken Or Spun (And What To Do If It Is)

Powerglide band adjustment tips

The Difference Between Powerglide Bands And When To Use Each Type

When should you upgrade to eight (8) or ten (10) clutches in your powerglide transmission?

What are the limits of a factory, stock or OEM powerglide case in a racing application?

Transbrake Issues

Why is your car moving forward or rolling when applying the transbrake in your powerglide?

Transbrake solenoid tips and troubleshooting

Valve Bodies

Technical Info and Troubleshooting for Valve Bodies


Why You Should be Using SFI-Tested Bellhousings and Transmission Cases


4 Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Our Tune-Up Services

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