Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Technical Info and Troubleshooting for Valve Bodies

The valve body controls the operation modes in an automatic transmission. It is a complex assembly of channels, valves, separator plates, springs, and gaskets.

Tips for maintaining the best possible operation:
  • Keeping the entire transmission clean and free from contamination. Replace your filters regularly. In the event of torque converter or other component failure, be sure to disassemble the entire valve body and clean thoroughly. Any amount of debris can cause valves to jam or wear prematurely.
  • Always run a transmission cooler or radiator. Excessive heat can cause valve clearances to become too tight or too loose creating wear or leaks.  
  • Two piece valve bodies should always be properly torqued to each other and to the transmission case to ensure proper sealing. Check with your valve body manufacturer for correct torque specifications.
  • Valve bodies that contain internal pressure regulator springs need replacement over time.  Pressure levels may drop after many cycles of usage (which cause the springs to weaken).
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