Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Some Prominent Racers Using BTE Torque Converters in Their Cars

While we could go on all day about what makes our torque converters the best in the industry, it’s really our customers that give us the feedback we need to continue improving.

Here are just a handful of the racers that trust BTE with their racing vehicle's torque converter that you may have heard of:
Luke Bogacki
Luke Bogacki, professional drag racer, NHRA World Champion and NHRA Division 7 Super Comp Champion.

Scotty Richardson, drag racing instructor, Schooled By Scotty.

Todd Ewing, owner of Huntsville Engine and drag racer.

Brad Plourd, successful drag racer, multiple NHRA national event champion.

Buddy Ferrell, prominent racer, owner of Ferrell Transmission Service.

Tom WilliamsNHRA Division 5 heavy hitter in Top Dragster and Super Comp and respected transmission builder.

Lucas Walkerdominant Kentucky racer and race car builder.

Jamie Hancock, world record holder for drag radial pass, who credits BTE’s torque converter as one of his keys to that 4.093-second pass.

Daniel RollisonGulf Coast racer who's won more big money bracket races than most people have fingers and toes.

901 Bad Boyz / GYS Racing, National Grudge Racer of the year from 2013.

Stig Olsson, of Slingshot Racing in Europe, European record holder. 

Jared Pennington, hugely successful footbrake competitor.

Kenny Hubbardrecord-setting racer in the popular radial classes, and transmission builder for the Houston area.

Frank Hawley, NHRA World Champion, owner of Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School

Monday, September 29, 2014

What We're Known For: BTE Racing Torque Converters

During the course of the next several weeks, we are going to highlight some of our most popular products. We'll show you how they're made, why they stand out and feature some of our favorite racers using these products every weekend in their cars.

We recently gave away a torque converter to Derek Lewis, winner of our first social media Wheel Stand Tournament. There's a reason we chose this BTE product: It's one of our best and most popular items, and most importantly, it really does help people win races. Just ask Jamie Hancock, among others.

What is it and how does it work?
A torque converter multiplies torque and acts as a fluid coupler. It is a complex assembly of stamped, machined and welded steel. (A great beginners guide to the operation can be found here.) In racing and high performance, we rely on the foundations set by the automotive manufacturers. Every race torque converter today and since the beginning has been based on a torque converter originally developed by General Motors, Ford, Toyota, and others.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Car of the Week: Nat Farrar's '72 Chevy Rally Nova

Welcome to our Car of the Week series, where we feature BTE customers and fans, and the cars (and trucks) they love to drive and race. This week, we return to our feature with the runner up in our recent [epic!] Wheel Stand Tournament which took place over several weeks. It was a hard-fought battle, and Nat Farrar of Tullahoma, TN was the second place winner with a massive amount of support. Here’s his story, and his car.

How did you get into drag racing?
Got into bracket racing though a friend back in 1996.

When and where was your first race?
My first race was in Huntsville, AL when George Howard ran the track.

What model/year do you race now?
I have a 1972 Chevy Rally Nova.