Monday, October 6, 2014

What We're Known For: BTE Racing Valve Bodies

Continuing our profiles of our signature racing products, this week we are focusing on valve bodies.  BTE manufactures a number of all new billet aluminum valve bodies for powerglide and TH400 transmissions, a new cast powerglide valve body, and we also modify OEM units for high performance usage.

How They Work

The valve body is like the nervous system of an automatic transmission. Fluid channels direct the automatic transmission fluid from one circuit to another. As the mode of operation is adjusted with the shifter, fluid is redirected to change gears. The popular transbrake feature is a redirecting of fluid by use of an external solenoid that applies low gear and reverse at the same time. This locks the transmission in place and allows for the car to be launched at a higher RPM than by just holding the brakes. Other features for offroad and circle track racing are possible too.

BTE has decades of experience in refining and optimizing these products for high performance usage. Join us this week as we demonstrate how we've designed and manufactured these "transmission brains," and how they can improve and enhance your transmission's operation.

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