Friday, September 20, 2013

Powerglide band adjustment tips

The powerglide transmission has a single band.  It is used to hold the clutch drum during low gear operation.  If the powerglide band is not adjusted properly the following things can occur:
  • Band failure (burning of clutch material)
  • Slipping in low gear or no low gear function at all
  • Shift flare between low and high gears
  • Car rolling backwards when the transbrake is applied
The powerglide band should be adjusted to the following specs:
  • Tighten the band adjustment screw to 72 inch lbs
  • Unscrew the band adjuster three and a half turns (3.5)
  • Tighten the band adjustment screw's locking nut
The band should be readjusted on a semi regular basis throughout the racing season.  BTE recommends using a heavy duty band adjustment screw to prevent band failure.  Stock band adjusters can bend and warp under heavy duty conditions.

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