Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Why choose a bolt together torque converter?

The most commonly blamed component in a racing car for failure or inconsistency is the torque converter. We can't see inside it to diagnose or analyze without cutting it open, the design is very complex, and to reassemble, a specialized welder and balancing machine is needed. Compare this to taking the bowls off a carburetor - 4 screws, or removing a valve cover - 4 to 6 nuts.

Therefore, the tendency to point fingers at a torque converter being the source of your race car's problems isn't illogical. But new advances in torque converter construction can eliminate this guesswork.

A bolt together torque converter allows the user to open, inspect, service, and in most cases adjust the stall speed of the unit. BTE utilizes CNC-machined component parts that allow for interchangeable pieces for service and adjustment in the field. And while the upfront cost of these units is higher than a traditional weld up torque converter, the reduced cost of annual service will be realized in a season or two. Contact BTE for more information about a bolt together torque converter for your racing vehicle.

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