Friday, March 15, 2013

BTE TH400 "Grudge Winner" Two Speed Transmission

BTE's two speed "Grudge Winner" TH400 transmission is a great choice for x275 and other racing classes that have limited traction, high power output, and heavy vehicle weight. This transmission features an innovative transbrake valve body design to allow transbrake operation in second gear. This new feature effectively makes the transmission a two speed and moves the starting gear ratio to a much higher range than available in any powerglide. In some vehicles this is preferable to the ratios available in the powerglide transmission.

Our base Grudge Winner includes the following features:

  • BTE's own billet aluminum transbrake two speed valve body
  • VascoMax steel input shaft
  • VascoMax steel intermediate shaft
  • Billet aluminum intermediate drum w/ 36 element super sprag
  • Cast aluminum deep pan
  • High performance band and clutch pack
  • 1.48 - 1.00 ratio gear set
  • Heavy duty OEM case
  • Dyno tested to ensure proper operation

Alternate gear ratios and aftermarket housings (as pictured) are available for additional cost. Contact BTE directly at 1-800-626-1828 to determine if the two speed TH400 is appropriate for your application.

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