Tuesday, May 10, 2011

BTE Locking Dipsticks

Locking Dipsticks

A key safety improvement in a racing powerglide is the addition of a
locking dipstick. A locking dipstick prevents fluid from venting or
blowing out of the filler tube and keeps it off the the track. These
rigid tubes mount closely to the transmission case to clear any
shields or tight transmission tunnels. The base of the filler tube
also includes a rubber boot for a snug and secure fit with the
transmission case. A locking dipstick is required at most racing
tracks. We have dipsticks available for standard setups or for
dragsters and altereds, and for stock and aftermarket transmission
cases. Pair this with our overflow tank kit for a very safe and race
ready transmission.

Find all of our BTE Dipsticks on the BTE website at www.bteracing.com

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