Tuesday, May 3, 2011

BTE 258210 Powerglide Deep Aluminum Pan with black coating

BTE 258210 Powerglide Deep Aluminum Pan with black coating

One of the most cost effective ways to improve your powerglide
transmission in several different areas is with the addition of a deep
pan. Our deep aluminum pan for the powerglide does several important
things to improve the transmission:

1. The added depth increases the fluid capacity. More fluid provides
more stable temperatures. The increased surface area also allows for
more effective cooling, as well as do the fins that run the length of
the pan, adding more area for heat to dissipate.

2. A cast aluminum pan is much more rigid than a fabricated aluminum
pan or stamped steel pan. This rigidity will decrease flex in the
transmission case in many areas, increasing the overall strength of
the transmission greatly.

3. The black coating dissipates heat more effectively, and keeps the
pan much cleaner as it resists staining and grime from penetrating the
cast aluminum.

This kit includes everything you need to make the very easy conversion
to our deep pan setup: all new pan bolts, a new gasket, and a filter

Even if you don't build your own transmissions, this is something that
any racer can easily install within a few minutes. Refill the
transmission with BTE's transmission fluid for an even better
performing transmission after the install.

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