Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Car of the Week: Jason Martin's 2014 Miller Rocker Arm Four Link Dragster

Welcome to the BTE Racing Car of the Week series, where we feature our customers and fans, and the cars (and trucks) they love to race. Today, it’s all about Jason Martin from Cherryvale, KS and his 2014 Miller Rocker Arm Four Link Dragster.

How did you get into drag racing?
I have always been a car guy. When I was 18 or so, I dragged a 1966 Chevelle home that was in dire need of work. It was missing quite a few parts, so my dad suggested we go ahead and turn it into a drag car. I bought a rear kit from S&W and installed it and have been racing ever since. Since then, he and I have been racing together and it has really become a family event. My girls go with us and love it too. We will be doing Junior dragster racing this year as well with my oldest.

When and where was your first race?
My first race would have been in 1995 at Mokan Dragway located in Asbury, Missouri. It is a locally owned small track with a great atmosphere.

What model/year do you race now?
I currently race a 2014 Miller Rocker Arm Four Link Dragster.

What's under the hood?
I run a 598 BBC with Big Chief heads on racing gas.

Which BTE products do you use in your vehicle?
For a transmission, I use a BTE Top Dragster shorty trans with 1:80 straight cuts.

Why do you use BTE?
Shipping time is minimal and the folks are easy to talk to and very helpful.

Someone you look up to in racing?
John Force is probably the one I admire the most. Talk about perseverance.

If money were no object, what would you drive?
Probably a Pro Stock car.

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