Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Car of the Week: Brady Murks' 1971 Z28 Camaro

Welcome to the BTE Racing Car of the Week series, where we feature BTE customers and fans, and the cars (and trucks) they love to drive and race. Today, it’s all about Brady Murks of Lexington, AL and his 1971 Z28 Camaro. 

How did you get into drag racing?
I got my start in racing through my Grandad when he bought me my first Jr. Dragster. I was eight years old.

When and where was your first race?
My first race was at US 43 in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.

What model/year do you race now?
The car I drive now is a 1971 Z28 Camaro.

What's under the hood?
My car is powered by a 440 small block from Wilkerson Racing Engines.

Which BTE products do you use in your vehicle?

Why do you use BTE?
I use BTE, because they have highly reliable products.

Someone you look up to in racing?
I look up to Clay Millican, because I met him in Huntsville and talked to him. He seemed like a very likeable guy that works hard for what he has. 

If money were no object, what would you drive?
A 2013 COPO Camaro

What is your pre-race ritual (if you have one)?
My pre-race ritual is to take a deep breathe, close my eyes and focus on the tree.

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